Jeff Castner Celebrates MU Cycling Team

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Career, Education, Sports, Sports Fan

Jeff Castner takes great pride that his university is one of the few to have a world class cycling team full of student athletes. Many cycling athletes focus so thoroughly on cycling that nothing else tends to matter. Jeff Castner knows athletes and understands that focusing too much on a single sport can lead to burn out and depression. Marian University works hard to make sure that it’s cycling team can compete on a world class level while still being great students.

Jeff Castner can see how the cycling world has taken notice over the past 25 years and more top cyclists or pursuing their degrees at Marian. They know that they will get a first rate education and they will also receive training from a premier coach. The training facilities at their disposal is a great opportunity to prepare for a racing career but also to prepare for life after cycling.

Jeff Castner

Jeff Castner

Jeff Castner is very familiar with the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis. It is open to the public and is one of very few Velodromes in the United States. The Velodrome is operated by Marian University as part of the Indy Cycloplex and the facilities are as good as many of the professional facilities around the world. There is also a Computrainer facility which caters to the students and to the public.

Jeff Castner understands that as with any sport, the more that top recruits enroll the more top recruits want to enroll. The Marian University cycling team has dominated on the national scene and has a bright future.


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