Jeff Castner on the Reds

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Career, Education, Sports, Sports Fan

The Cincinnati Reds are starting to play very quality baseball over the past few weeks. After getting off to a very slow start, they are starting to show they can compete for a playoff spot The pitching staff has been very strong and the hitting is starting to get hot.

The two biggest surprises this season continue to be Hamilton and Mesoraco. These two young players give Red’s fans reason to be excited about the future of Reds baseball. Hamilton’s speed is exciting to watch on the bases and in center field. Mesoraco’s surprising power at the plate and his quality catching behind the plate give the Reds one of the top young catchers in baseball.

Jeff Castner

Jeff Castner

The pitching staff has been flawless over the past few weeks. Led by All-Star Ace Cueto, the entire staff continues to go out and shut down opponents. Cueto, Simon,Bailey, Leake and Latos give the Reds a chance to win every night. Not to mention shut down set-up man Broxton and the best closer in baseball in Chapman.

The Reds lineup is starting to get hot at the plate. The recent four game sweep of the Giants in San Francisco should continue to give the Reds confidence leading up to the All-Star break. Besides Hamilton and Mesoraco I must not forget the very hot and All-Star deserving Todd Frazier. He is doing it all at the plate and at 3rd base. He should make the NL All-Star team for his great first half of the season.

As we look ahead to the All-Star game and possible trades, I believe the Reds must try to add a power hitter in the middle of the lineup to have any chance of moving ahead of both the Cardinals and the Brewers. Bruce continues to struggle at the plate and his power numbers are way down. Votto and Ludwick are also showing they won’t put up big power numbers this season.

The Reds are fun to watch again and I believe the second half of the season looks bright. Let’s hope we can make that one trade move that helps us climb to the top of the division! Go Reds!


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