Jeff Castner – Volunteerism

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Career, Education, Sports, Sports Fan

Jeff Castner is always happy to see the great work students are doing in their community. One of the great ways this is happening is through the college mentors program. His local university’s students are teamed up with Students from Holy Angel Elementary. Strict requirements have to be met to assure the children’s safety. Once that has been done, college students meet and help one of 45 students not only with their homework but also giving the students a safe place to be a kid, share and learn. Some of the important things that the mentor helps the children with are:

Jeff Castner

Jeff Castner

  • Teaching children the importance financial literacy: How to save money and how to budget. How to make smart money decisions.
  • Mentors also spend time helping Children with hygiene, nutrition, personal growth and physical fitness.
  • The college students also work to help kids learn how to use technology and helps them understand the importance of learning technology.
  • Spend time teaching kids about their community. The art, music food, languages and other ideas which can help children become more socially aware and responsible.
  • This also shows kids the great personal reward of giving your time to help others. The mentors will talk to children and find a problem that children and mentor both care about and then figure out ways to help the situation.

Jeff Castner understands that these types of programs are very important to the values that the university tries to teach and encourages all students to get involved. Jeff Castner knows that there is very little in life more rewarding then helping children.


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