Jeff Castner: Indianapolis Cultural Districts

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Career, Education, Sports, Sports Fan

Jeff Castner is a Hoosier through and through. He lives and works in Indianapolis, where he is the Assistant Director of Operations at one of the city’s leading universities. He has worked there, in different capacities, for nearly thirty years.

Jeff Castner is proud of Indianapolis, and says the city has a lot to offer ­– more, in fact, than most non-Indianapolis residents realize. There are six cultural districts in Indianapolis, he says, and each one is known for a certain distinctiveness, and forms a pocket within the social fabric of the city.

Jeff Castner

Jeff Castner

All of the Indianapolis cultural districts, Jeff Castner says, have their buzzwords and pet names. One of the districts is known as Broad Ripple Village, but is usually referred to simply as “The Village.” Sitting close to Butler University, its many art galleries and studios, specialty shops and pubs enjoy lots of traffic from visitors to the city, who take advantage of a free shuttle service.

Another of its distinctive cultural districts, says Jeff Castner, is the Canal and White River State Park. These sectors sprang from the central canal of Indianapolis, and are newly inspiring as Venetian Canal look-alikes. White River Park hosts many famous museums and events, with the downtown Indianapolis skyline as its striking backdrop.

Fountain Square, Jeff Castner says, is mostly noted as an ethnic and artsy Mecca. The Square sprang from humble roots as a large apple orchard. Jeff Castner says it’s a little different and offbeat today, but is still a very cool place to check out.


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